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  • The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic and theHealth Sector in Uganda 

    Nabukeera, M. Sebyala (Quest Journals, 2021-01-10)
    The cases of Coronavirus disease are on the raise in Uganda, to make matters worse there is increased community transmission of the COVID-19this increases the spread of the disease since there is ...
  • Insecurty In Maska District 

    Nabukeera, M. Sebyala (Quest Journals, 2018-11-03)
    This article examines the problem of insecurity in Uganda in areas of Masaka district in the western part of the country. It provides a typology of the insecurity incidents which occurred in areas of Bukomansimbi, Lwengo, ...
  • An Exploration Of Students’ Lived Experiences In Females’ Campus In Uganda 

    Nabukeera, M. Sebyala (Quest Journals, 2018-11-03)
    The purpose of the transcendental phenomenological study is to describe the lived experience of female students in Islamic University in Uganda Females’ Campus (IUIU FC). A qualitative method was used specifically exhausting ...
  • Governance Of Electoral Processes In Uganda 

    Nabukeera, M. Sebyala (Quest Journals, 2018-11-03)
    This article offers the continuation of election systems but sets beginnings of understanding electoral management in Uganda specifically designing an election management model, electoral governance, electoral commission, ...
  • The Role Of A Teacher In Developing And Implementing A Holistic Model In Youth Personality Development At Higher Education 

    Nabukeera, M. Sebyala (Quest Journals, 2018-11-03)
    The paper analyzed the role of a teacher in developing and implementing a holistic model in youth personality development at higher education. Using literature review as a method of analysis, the results indicate that, ...

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